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Take better selfies with these simple 3 tips

Maybe it’s a generational thing.

Maybe it’s your comfort level with technology, but it seems like some people (mostly millenials) take the BEST selfies.

They just know the tricks of the game and now you will too!

Most of us can’t get the right smile, have a lazy eye or crooked smile (that we just noticed) or generally end up looking... confused.

Selfies are everywhere and everywhere you go, you'll want to take a selfie - so whether you’re a newbie or already a seasoned veteran, these 2 tips are guaranteed to up your selfie game.


The first and most important tip is

to scope out where you'll stand/sit for the best lighting. Of these 3 rules, this one is most important and is ALWAYS going to be the first priority when preparing to take a selfie. What I suggest is that you open up your camera, put your arm in selfie position, then do a full 360 turn to see where the BEST light is coming from. That's your light! :-) AVOID AT ALL COST, light coming from behind you. This plays tricks with the camera and will most certainly give you the worst possible photo.


Tip number 2: Find a background that is uniform in design. It can be a solid color or a pattern throughout but whatever your background, it should fill the entire screen around you. Be sure that there are no other people in the background. Also check first to be sure no objects appear to be growing out of your head behind you.


Final Tip: instead of smiling, LAUGH. Ok maybe not a big laugh out loud. Something in between a chuckle and a smirk (a "sm-uckle" - LOL). Great smiles are in the eyes and if you're anything like the rest of us, you're way too focused on all the details (i.e acrobatics) of taking a selfie. Your concentration shows up in your eyes. A quick "smuckle" will loosen you up a bit and allow you to capture a warm and rather charming smile. Warning: you WILL feel silly doing this but, trust me, it works!

Follow these 3 rules and I guarantee that you'll be a pro and almost ALL of your selfies will be perfect.


This is my selfie. Solid color background, good lighting, slight laugh when smiling. Guaranteed. Everytime!!

Nicole Tyler is a Professional Portrait Photographer in Alpharetta, Lawrenceville, & Metro Atlanta, GA. To see more work, view pricing or book an appointment, visit

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