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How to Look Your Best on Camera


Your appearance in your photos sends a strong message about your personality, professionalism and success. Here are a few suggestions for how to prepare for your photo shoot. (See highlighted link below for example photos.)

CLOTHING Darker colors are more slimming and appear more business-professional. However, if your personal brand or personality is more bubbly or friendly and business casual, brighter colors are the way to go. You'll want to be sure that your clothes fit you in advance and are neither too big or too small. It WILL show in your pictures.

For a traditional business professional appearance, suit jackets in grey, blue, black, brown and even off-white or tan serve well. You can pair this with a button-up shirt or blouse in blue, grey white, red or just about any color or pattern.

For a more business casual vibe, just about every color will work in a blouse or button-up without jacket pairing. However, you'll want to avoid wearing white shirts (without jacket). If a suit jacket is NOT being worn, solid color shirts or a LARGE patterned shirts in colors such as black, blue, or beige, red or multi-colors photograph best and are flattering on most people. Other neutrals that work well are burgundy, pink, gray or deep green and should be chosen depending on your eye color and skin tone.


Since these are just headshots, Shoes are optional. (You're welcome :-)) However, if you know that you'll want full-length photos, bring along your shoes. :-)


Classic jewelry styles work best to not distract attention from your face and smile. Feel free to bring a watch, necklace, earrings, bracelets, rings that coordinate with your wardrobe.

SLEEP AND DIET First, let's tackle this misconception that you need to lose weight before having your headshots updated. This is FALSE! That's what PHOTOSHOP is for! Don't beat yourself up. Let us do the hard work while you relax and still look good!

Make sure to get plenty of sleep the night before to help you to look refreshed. Drink 6-8 cups of water THE DAY BEFORE help your skin (and lips) look hydrated when you smile. Stay away from foods with lots of sugar and salt for a few days before – they tend to exaggerate puffiness in the face.

GROOMING You may bring a brush or comb, & whatever you need to touch up your hair the way you like.

Women: If you opt to do your own make-up, it’s best when you apply makeup, to carefully blend your makeup so that it looks smooth. Even if you NEVER wear makeup, consider wearing a light foundation or at minimum, lipstick and mascara. It’s best to avoid makeup with shimmer, as it does not photograph well.

Men: It’s best to get your haircut 2 days before your shoot. Be sure your facial hair is carefully groomed the day of your portrait session.

We hope this helps! To schedule your updated headshots or view availability, visit

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